Why Your Headshot is More Important Than Ever

professional headshot

LA headshots

As we moved through a long quarantine, getting a headshot was probably the last thing on anyone’s mind.  After all, who are you going to see when you are being safe at home?

Yet that’s exactly the reason you need a professional headshot more than ever!  As the world begins to re-open we’re finding that in person networking events will be one of the last things to come back.  We’re also seeing that many businesses have learned how well it works to have as much of their workforce as possible working from home.  And in person job interviews have taken a back seat to interviews conducted online.

In short, your opportunities to dazzle someone with the confidence you project during in person meetings are going to be scarce for a while.  This is where your headshot comes in so much now.  More than ever, your headshot is what will determine whether you get the call, the job, the client.

Make sure your headshot is professional.  No matter how good you might look in that cell phone photo, they never look professional.  You don’t want to make the statement that you’re not professional, do you?

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