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In most cases your need for marketing photography doesn’t end with your professional headshot. 

For professionals to add photography illustrating what you do and where you do it goes far in convincing visitors to your website to pick up the phone and book an appointment.  What photos are needed depends on what you do.  Just showing your staff interacting with patients or clients goes far.  Photos showing how a new procedure works and your office itself are helpful in convincing someone to make that call.

For about a decade now website designers have been relying heavily on stock photos.  This is a disservice to you.  Stock photos look like stock photos.   People sense right off they are not the real deal.  There is also the problem that good stock photos have been licensed by thousands of your competitors.  That’s hardly a way to stand out!

Stock photography has been found to also be a bad idea for another reason.  A recent study found that websites using stock photos don’t rank as well as sites using original photography.  This is due to the duplicate content penalties Google and other search engines dish out.  Where this used to only apply to text, image recognition technology is now good enough that it has carried over to imagery as well!

We talk about this in more detail on our professional practice marketing photography page, and we give you a lot more examples of the work we have done with some clients.

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