Marketing Photography

Often a headshot isn’t enough.  It’s a great start, but adding professional photos of your staff at work, on the job, interacting with your clients and your facilities will drastically increase a prospects confidence in you.

Too often website developers and marketing professionals take the lazy way out.  Stock photos.  You’ve seen them.  The girl with the headset that is on EVERY business contact us page.  The businessmen shaking hands etc.

The problem with stock photography is multi-faceted.  First off, it looks like stock photography and people know they are not seeing the real deal.  Second, the stock photos that are in your marketing materials are also in all of your competitors marketing materials as well.  Each of those stock photos have been licensed thousands of times to your direct competitors.

Finally, a recent study conducted by the SEO firm, Reboot, found that using stock photos harms your website’s search engine rankings.  It has long been known that Google penalizes duplicate content and rewards original content.   That used to only apply to text, but now that image recognition technology has evolved to high levels, it seems to have carried over into photos as well.

The biggest reason to use original photography is that it builds trust with your clients and visually shows them what you are all about.

Below are some photos we took at two different dental offices for their marketing.  The shoots covered a range from headshots of the doctors, their staff and some of their patients to photos of their interactions with their patients, and their offices.

Click on any of the photos to enlarge.