Make Your Holiday Party Increase Your Marketing Reach

corporate event photography

holiday party photography

Corporate holiday parties are a great way to increase your marketing reach.

The secret is to ensure you have high quality professional photography and/or videography of your event.  Many of the corporate Christmas parties we’ve photographed have been attended by key business contacts outside of the corporation.  Some have included presentations and keynote speakers.  Often the logos of key associated businesses are displayed prominently.

LA event photographer
Corporate Holiday Party Photography

A lot of expense goes into putting on a corporate event or party.  It would be a mistake to let the impression it creates end there.  Hire a professional photographer to capture the full flavor of the event.

A professional event photographer will know what’s important to capture for eternity.  The candid moments of people having fun and making new contacts.  The signage and logos.  The delicious food that’s served in the most mouthwatering way.  The keynote speakers, important people, and the overall presence of the event itself.

In a world where content is king, photography of your events is one of your most important assets.  The event photos can be used on your website, your social media feeds and even in annual reports and other marketing.

LA Headshot Photographer isn’t just about business headshots, although we do a lot of that.  We also have decades of professional corporate event photography and marketing photography.  We know how to capture the flawless images that will make your company shine in the new year!

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holiday party
Photography of a holiday party held at a local LA restaurant