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I have been providing professional event photography in Los Angeles and other major cities for every type of event for 25 years.  These include corporate events and seminars, fundraisers, public relations events, political and business conferences, business networking functions, holiday parties, product launch events and red carpet events.  Other types of events I’ve covered are concerts, live performances, fashion runway shows including Los Angeles Fashion week shows, and even the Grand Prix races.

Event photography is some of the most demanding photography there is.  You often have only an instant to get the shot.  There is no time for a second attempt if you don’t get it right the first time.  Low light and radically changing light conditions prevail in most event venues.  It demands professional grade cameras, lenses and flash units to get the shot and a highly experienced photographer.

My style of coverage is to first ensure I capture the essential shots while also telling the full story surrounding the event.  I’m often working with a shot list of the key events that must be captured: the awards presentations, keynote speakers, important guests and other signifiant portions of the event.  During the time between these shots, I work to capture the event as it unfolds.  These can include candid shots of people engaged in activities at the event, guests enjoying the affair, establishing shots of the venue, even detail shots of the awards, buffet table and other elements that combine to make the whole.

In my two decades of covering events, I’ve worked with major newspapers, magazines and television outlets.  My work has been published internationally and a partial list of publications includes, ABC, CBS, The Denver Post, USA Today Magazine, The Daily Mail, Radar Online, In Touch Magazine, Star Magazine and many more. I am currently a credentialed photographer for Splash News, a Los Angeles entertainment news and photography agency that provided high quality imagery of entertainment related events to the major news media around the world.

Please contact us at photos@la-event-photographer.com for for more information about photographing your event.  We will be happy to tailor our event photography services to your exact needs.

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