Land Your Dream Job in the New Year with a Professional Headshot

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New Year’s Resolutions are usually concerned with bettering ourselves, our health and our position in life. Per actual surveys, finding a better career tops the list for most. Top career consultants are blogging about how to do just this and one for one they have “get a professional headshot” as one of the things you must do if you want to advance in the business world.

Many people believe that only actors, actresses and business professionals such as doctors, dentists and real estate brokers need headshot photos.  It seldom occurs to anyone that you also need a professional headshot to get that dream job in the first place. Yet this just might be when you need it the most.

Just like actors and actresses need a professional headshot to be considered for the part and asked to come in for an audition, so does anyone seeking a higher level job or career.  It gives the recruiter a better sense of who you are and to be considered for a professional position, you must present a professional image of yourself.

Your social media profile pictures should all be professionally done.  While there is some debate as to whether a photo should be included in your resume, recruiters today check the social media presence of job applicants before deciding who to hire.  Make sure that the image they see of you says you are a professional.

There’s a lot of competition for the better jobs.  Regardless of how much education or on the job experience you have, recruiters will be considering up to hundreds of other applicants. In a world where so many have come to rely on selfies and snapshots taken by friends for their LinkedIn and other social media profiles and resumes, a professional headshot stands out and gets noticed  It also says you take your career seriously.  That fact alone could be the edge you need to land the position.

Think about it.  Isn’t it worth investing a couple hundred bucks into yourself to land the job you really want?

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