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Los Angeles Headshots

LA Headshot Photographer Pricing

The pricing for headshots in these packages is for the headshoot shoots we do at your location using our portable headshot studio.  Due to our unique background and lighting setup, we don’t need large amounts of space to work.

We provide free travel for headshot shoots performed at locations within a ten mile radius of Hollywood.  Travel charges will be added to shoots farther out than that.

Prices are for basic business headshots with white, black or solid colored backgrounds shot indoors.  We can also shoot with a “green screen” background and remove the background and replace with another in post production for an additional charge.  Contact us for pricing on outdoor shoots, environmental & editorial portraits, model portfolios and other more elaborate shoots.

Save big on LA headshot photoshoots where two or more people are scheduled in the same session.  Details below.

Headshot pricing:

1 look session: $225  

LA Headshots
This is an example of a headshot where the studio background was replaced with a colored texture.

Our one look session includes setting up in your office, approximately 15 to 30 minutes shooting time with 50 to 100 images taken.  It includes minor touch up of blemishes, color and contrast correction on one of your favorite images.

We will send you all of the images from your shoot via WeTransfer at the end of the day, or we can download the memory card into your computer.

2 look session: $275

Our two look session includes all of the above, but allows for a complete change of wardrobe and a second set of shots.

It includes one touched up image of your choice from both looks.

Note: adding or removing a jacket, hat, etc is part of the same look. It’s not considered  a separate look.

3 look session: $325

This session includes 3 changes in wardrobe/makeup/hair and one touched up image per each look.

Note that the time and number of total photos taken increases proportionately with each additional look.

In all packages you’ll receive your touched up photos within 24 hours of your selection of images.  All images are yours without restrictions.

Any parking fees will be added to the cost of your headshot package.  Additional images can be touched up for a charge of $25.00 each.

Group Headshot Pricing

2 – 5 people: For shoots involving individual headshots for  2 – 5 people in the same session, each headshot package above will be discounted by $50.00 for each additional person after the first person.

6 or more people: Contact us for pricing and scheduling.

Hair and Makeup

I’ve generally found that men don’t need professional hair and makeup for business headshots.  Actors, Television Personalities and Performing Artists should consider having professional makeup done.

Women may do their hair and makeup themselves, or have it professionally done at a makeup studio prior to the shoot time, or we can bring an industry professional makeup artist to the session for you.  (This is also true for men).  Typically the charge for professional makeup is $150 and is more when additional looks involve changes in hair and makeup.  Contact us to discuss this so we can get you an exact price.  Payment to the makeup artist is made directly to the makeup artist at the time of the shoot.


For business headshots wear attire similar to what you would wear when meeting with your clients or patients.  Solid colors are better than plaids, stripes, patterns etc.  The focus of the headshot is on you, the clothing should compliment you, not distract (unless you are a performing artist where that is part of your branding).

When selecting clothing for the shoot, stand in front of a large mirror in a room with good natural light and hold various outfits in front of you.  Pay attention to how the clothing affects your skin tones.  Does the garment make you look more alive and vital?  Or does it tend to make you look washed out?

Bring a couple of different options with you on the day of the shoot, even if you have selected our one look package.  That will allow us to choose the best option for you at the time of the shoot.

It is also a good idea to bring clothing other that what you are wearing during your workday prior to our arrival.  Keep it hanging on a hanger to keep it wrinkle free until the time of the shoot.


We require a 50% deposit to schedule your shoot and the balance is due at the time of the shoot.  We can accept credit card payments online through PayPal.