How We Approach Corporate Event Photography

LA event Photographer

We recently did event photography at the Art of Motion Picture Costume Design opening reception.

This is a little different from the typical corporate event in that there were no speakers or structured events.  But we try to follow a specific formula when doing corporate event photography.

Before we even go inside, we get establishing shots of the event venue itself.   As we enter we photograph any signage, sponsor logos etc.  We look for the little details that make up the whole and ensure that our photos create a visual representation of what the experience at the event was like.

If food is served, we get photos of the buffets or tables.  We capture photos that show guests enjoying themselves and interacting with the exhibits, booths or vendors.

Then comes the actual event photography.  We usually have a shot list of key things the event producers want us to be sure to get.  The keynote speakers, awards presentations, surprise announcements and structured activities.  This is standard with any event photography package.  But we feel by taking the time to capture the little details others might not think of, we’re able to present a much more memorable pictorial of the event for our clients.

I’m including just a few of the photos here.  When I have time I’ll add more of them to our Los Angeles Event Photography gallery.  Also check our page on LA Event Photography Info for more information.  We hope to work with you soon.