Getting the Right Headshot for You

LA Headshots

LA headshots

A headshot is something you should really give some thought to.  The right headshot for one person isn’t going to work for another.

In the actor headshot here, we went with an outdoor setting for the background to give a more natural and free spirited feel to the photo.  It helped to show off his friendly and relaxed personality.  Outdoor settings can work well for actor and actress headshots, fitness instructors, natural health care practitioners and so on.

However, I feel a studio background works better for real estate agents, accountants, doctors, attorneys and financial people.  You don’t want to come across looking too casual in these professions.

Neither of these premises is set in stone though.  Your headshot is a communication.  Probably the one that will say the most out of all of your marketing materials.  You want to communicate your basic values as your “brand” and inspire people to want to work with you.

Your headshot photoshoot should include some discussion with your photographer prior to the shoot about this.  Note, that the headshot prices listed on our pricing page are for basic business headshots with white, black or solid colored backgrounds shot indoors.  Outdoor and special location shoots are priced according to the shoot requirements.

We specialize in taking headshots that get you more business.  Contact us to see how we can make your headshot work for you.