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It’s a new year with new business goals.  And the way to reach them is by doing the things that have been proven to work.

While we want to be aware of trends, not all trends are a good thing.  In fact most of them aren’t.  We call them fads.  Everyone is doing it so everyone else does, until we learn that it just isn’t worthwhile.  Some are down right destructive… such as the dare going on with the kids for a while to swallow Tide Pods.

Another that seems to be a good thing but is right up there with swallowing Tide Pods in terms of it’s value to your career and/or business is the selfie, and worse, the selfie video.  Seriously, take a look at this.  You’re marketing yourself as a professional using the most amateur of all means to do so!  What does that communicate to your prospects?

That you’re not professional.

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Chef Mark Kalix and restaurant owner Wy Livingston

In the columns written by most every career coach I’ve found one of the top recommendations is to be sure your headshot is professionally done.  They advise that your headshot is usually the first impression people have of your brand and your business.  This is actually true of your product photos, testimonial videos, explainer videos or any other marketing images and videos you put out to represent your brand.  The first premise of any marketing communication you put out for the world to see should be that you are a professional!

It isn’t just that selfie headshots and selfie videos fail to get you new business.  They can actually drive it away!  I can give you some real life examples here.  In fact this post is inspired by one.  A neighbor of mine has been telling me to check out a motivational speaker.  I happened to see a video by him while I was surfing the web and clicked on it.

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LA Headshot Photographer

The first thing I noticed was the outstretched arm holding the selfie stick.  He was outside and walking while he talked, slightly out of breath.  The light was bad and the message lost in the noise of the traffic.  The video made a distinct impression on me.  This was a man telling me how to be more successful as a business professional, but he couldn’t be bothered to be professional himself!  I won’t be paying to go to one of his seminars.

Another example occurred when I was on the board of a large professional photographer’s organization.  We brought in a woman to handle our marketing.  She had previously owned a large stock photo agency which she sold for millions and seemed well qualified on the surface.

Along with working in her role to held advise us with our marketing, she took it upon herself to start promoting herself as a marketing coach for photographers, to provide such services as curating our portfolios, revamping our marketing materials and her “photography marketing boot camp” course.  Her premise was, and I agree, that everything a photographer put out for the world to see had to be aesthetically flawless and 100% professional.

However she started pushing out videos to sell her rather expensive course that were shot using the camera on her computer monitor in a poorly lit room.  She looked like she hadn’t taken time to put her makeup on or even have her first cup of coffee to wake up. I wanted more business.  We all do. I wanted to do her course to see if I could get more business.  But after seeing the videos she was putting out to market herself, I decided that I couldn’t afford to pay someone for marketing advice who didn’t believe enough in what she was teaching to practice it herself.

I wasn’t alone in this.  The board also saw the videos and soon cut her loose from her position.  Her photography marketing boot camp course no longer exists.

Don’t let that be you.  Start the new year with a professional headshot and professional marketing videos that tell the world you truly are professional enough for the job. Contact us to discuss any special needs for your headshot.  We also can show you numerous marketing videos we’ve done on request.


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