Stand Out With Edgy Cinematic Headshots

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Many headshot photographers fall into a rut.  Same style, lighting, set and so on for every shot.

For a lot of corporate headshots, that’s actually fine.  A uniform look to all of the headshots of the executives and staff is good.  But artists, musicians, actors, actresses and anyone with a pubic personality or image to maintain needs more creative photography.  Even corporations are starting to break away from the “traditional” looks and go with headshots that are a little, or a lot, more hip.

In each case what is shot and how it is shot is going to be unique.  Might be a heavy dose of attitude is what will be the most effective.  Or a cinematic color grading to the “headshots.”  Or a little of both as in the photo above.

The portrait for this can be casual, formal, free spirited, quirky.  You name it.  It’s all about creating what sets you apart in an image with stopping power.

Contact us for info on our personalized headshots.  Note, headshots as described here are priced differently than on our pricing page.  Prices will be quoted after we have discussed the goals of the shoot and we know what will be required to execute it.

headshot photographer