A Headshot is Worth 1000 Words

LA Headshot Photographer

As I attend business networking events, I’ve been noticing how text and logo only business cards are becoming more common.

When someone hands me one of these cards, I can’t help but think what a disservice they are doing themselves.  Whoever it was that coined the expression “a picture is worth a thousand words” was right.  And nowhere is this more true than of a headshot.

Business cards, postcard mailers and even billboards have very limited room for text.  And even if there was the room, text is a poor substitute for a great photo.

A professional headshot can tell your prospect in a glance all of the qualities about you and how you take care of business for them in a glance.  In a well executed headshot, they can instantly see that you are professional, competent, friendly and approachable but also serious about getting the job done for them.

Think about this one for a bit.  Your headshot might just be the very most effective  element of your marketing.  Does it say what it should about you?  Are you using it everywhere you can?

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