Why PROFESSIONAL Headshots Matter


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I just read an article in the Hollywood Reporter on the top 25 Real Estate Agents in Hollywood and before I could read a single word I was struck with a notable observation:  The Hollywood Reporter published each of their headshots and they were flawless.  Perfectly lit, non distracting backgrounds, with the agents appearing confident but approachable and friendly in each photo.

Honestly, the photos were better than the ones I see on many so called “professional” headshot photographer’s websites.  I hate to throw out the negative, but too many emerging photographers see headshots as an easy way to make money and think they don’t need to know much to do them.  Nothing is further from the truth.

I’ll admit, I’m biased here in terms of noticing the headshots as the first thing.  It is after all what I do.  But everyone notices the quality of the headshots and are influenced by it.  They just don’t know what it is that is affecting their decision as to whether or not to work with the person.

Reflecting on this, I realized too  that any time you see any superstar in any industry get attention in the media (or even on their social media profiles for that matter) their headshots are top quality.  There are no iPhone selfies, no photos shot by friends, no poorly lit or retouched images.  They are flawless.

Successful people demand excellence.  That is why they are successful.  They don’t compromise and that is why they draw the best clients.

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