If your headshot doesn’t look professional – neither do you!

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A client commented to me on something she was noticing about other people’s headshots…

“I’m seeing a lot of headshots that don’t look professional.  They have inappropriate things in the background, they look cluttered, or like they are just sitting in their living room, or on a swing set,” she said.  “It’s like they don’t care.  I need mine to look very professional, because that is what I am.”

I’ve been noticing this trend increasing over the last few years.  I think we have technology to thank for it.  Between the ease of snapping a selfie with an iPhone camera, and the plethora of bad photos that clog social media, many have come to think their headshot just doesn’t matter that much.  If everyone else is using bad photos, I can too.  Or people are now so used to bad photos they don’t notice.  Some have also gone the quantity over quality route.  You know, I need something new to post on Facebook today and snap a selfie of themselves stuck in traffic.

None of this gets you business.  It is a false economy, and it is foolish.  So you saved a couple hundred bucks on a headshot.  How many potential clients did you lose as a result?

Think about it.  You are looking for an attorney and when you view his LinkedIn profile, his headshot looks like it was taken in a restaurant by his dinner partner.  Will he give any more attention to your case than he did the image he uses to represent himself?

You probably wouldn’t even know why you moved on to the next attorney, but you do.  You just didn’t feel this person was right for the job.

Second to your professional reputation, your headshot is your most powerful marketing tool.  Yes, others have become quite careless about their headshots.  But that is your golden opportunity.  Do your business headshot right, get a headshot that looks as professional as you are and watch your competitors vanish into the dust you leave behind.

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