LA Corporate Event Photographer – Getting more value from your event photography

When national and international corporations hold major events, it is often the only time all of their key executives and staff are together in one location.  It can be a great efficiency to have me set […]

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Professional Headshots

Social media and website photos for the staff of a medical practice. Planning for the use of the photos is a critical component of your headshot session.  In this set of professional staff photos, we […]

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Preparing for your LA headshot photoshoot

A few corporate headshot tips.  I’ve found that most business people tend to be a bit concerned about how their headshot photo session will go and what to expect.  The concerns are even greater when […]

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LA Actor Headshots

Typically what is wanted in an actor headshot is something that has been kept simple.  Flatter lighting, minimal makeup and post production.  The casting director wants to see what you look like, what your personality […]

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Save 20% on Los Angeles Headshots

  Whether you are an actress, actor, business professional, or a corporation in need of staff photos, we want to help you get the headshots you need.  The headshot that gets you into the audition, […]

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LA Corporate Event Photographer

Some photos from the Hispanic Bar Awards Dinner. Corporate event photography would seem to be one of the easier types of photography, yet as I often find true in photography, what seems like it should […]

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Photo Studio Rental Available – DTLA – Los Angeles

Beautiful loft with 17 foot high ceilings, hardwood floors, exposed brick walls and more available for rental for photography, photo shoots and movie productions.  May also be rented for events. Main shooting area: 22′ x […]

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Celebrity Portrait Photographer

One of my celebrity portraits.  This is Denise Plante, host of Colorado and Company show on network television.  The image was used for the television station’s marketing of the show.  Please contact me to book […]

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From the old Los Angeles Headshot Photographer website

The construction isn’t totally finished yet… and the way websites are today, I doubt I will ever feel I have totally completed the new Los Angeles Headshot Photographer site.  After all, I am producing new […]

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