Your Headshot Should Match Your Brand

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Studies have shown that consumers trust a company more and are more likely to buy from a company where the founder uses social media and has a headshot that suits the brand.

headshot photographer

A professional headshot with a friendly approachable feel.

Regardless of the essence of the brand, professional, high quality headshots are one of the most vital ingredients in your marketing presence. There has been a trend born with social media to post endless streams of “selfies” or low quality images taken by friends with a camera. The logic seems to be that quantity doesn’t matter, it is only for social media.

The statement this makes is not one you want. It says that you and your company are every bit as non professional as your headshot! Any savings on professional photography will be erased 10 fold in lost business.

What do you want your business headshot to communicate?

What fits you and your brand? Do you want your headshot to convey a confident, certain, business like manner? Or do you want to appear more casual and approachable? In some cases you will want to completely break the mold and present yourself as a “disruptive force” or as someone with attitude. An attorney is usually going to want a very confident, business like appearance. Real estate professionals may want to appear more friendly and approachable while still having a business like manner. Conversely, a pop singer is best suited with a portrait that communicates attitude and style.

Work with your headshot photographer to establish your best branding.


Headshot of a CEO of a computer company showing determination and confidence.

Many headshot photographers operate on a one size fits all approach… including one of the most famous headshot photographers who brags of using the exact same setup for every client. This isn’t you. By discussing your headshot with your photographer in advance, you can determine such things as should it be in the studio, or outdoors? What color and kind of background. What should you wear? A good headshot photographer will work with you to get the perfect photo.

Headshot vs environmental portrait.

An “environmental portrait” is a type of portrait designed to show someone in their environment. This could be a well crafted photo of a shop keeper in their store, a health advocate on a nature trail or beach, or a real estate agent showing a luxury home. You get the idea.

Since headshots are typically used in applications where there are fairly small such as social media profiles and on business cards it is best to keep the background as simple and non distracting as possible. Environmental portraits are frequently used in magazine articles and on company websites where more space can be devoted to the photo. They can be very effective at communicating a broader sense of values and make your marketing more effective.

Wrap Up

Your headshot is one of the most critical pieces in your marketing. It can create a sense of trust in you and your company, or it can make people feel they are better off not working with you. Invest some time into deciding what look is going to best suit you and finding the right professional for the job.

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Portrait of a pop singer showing the attitude he is known for.

Actress headshots

Headshot of an actress who wanted a casual, softer feel.

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