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Los Angeles Corporate Event Photography

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Corporate event photography is not for the inexperienced. The number of unexpected variables that present themselves are too numerous to list. With over two decades of experience shooting hundreds of high level corporate events, we are able to handle the unexpected without missing the shot.

We take measures to protect against any loss of images by making duplicate copies of photos as they are shot to protect against memory card failure and have backup cameras and flash units with us at all times. Only top of the line professional equipment is used, allowing us to deliver sharp, vibrant, high dynamic range images even under low light conditions.

Event photography covers the range from a corporate awards dinner, a grand opening, educational seminars, a political fundraisers, a sweet sixteen party, a Bar Mitzvah / Bat Mitzvah, a red carpet walk, to a 50th anniversary party.

Get The Most Out of Your Corporate Event Photography

We tailor our photography services to fit your event. We don’t expect you to fit your event into one of our packages.

Each event is unique. Let’s get creative and see how we can help you get the most out of your event photography.

Event photography photo booth

Event photography photo booth

Send Your Corporate Branding Home

Your corporate event or holiday party can be an effective way to increase your brand visibility. In this example, a photo booth was set up to capture photo of guests as they arrived. At the end of the evening, each guest was given a framed print complete with the corporate logo, and a logo of a chief sponsor. Unlike other promotional products that rapidly find their way into the trash, most of the photos will be displayed on the recipients desk for long periods of time.

 Los Angeles Public Relations Event Photography

Many awards dinners, grand openings and other corporate events double as public relations events. Our high quality corporate event photography is suitable for all types of print and online media, magazines and newspapers.


Los Angeles Event Photographer, Mark Stout, has been photographing live performances, corporate events, private events, awards ceremonies, corporate and non profit dinners, high profile public events and media/public relations events for over two decades. He has the experience, technical knowledge and artistc flair to capture the highlights and the essence of your event with style.

He has photographed high profile events such as the Colorado Hispanic Bar Awards Dinner, US Secretary of Interior, Ken Salazar, Morgan Freeman at the Mayor’s Lifetime Achievement Awards, the Grand Prix Races and has served as the official photographer for many of the events and functions of the Denver Chamber of Commerce.